The ESA CubeSat Industry Days just started!

Leiden (Netherlands) 12/09/2023,

Nautilus will take part in the 6th European Space Agency - ESA CubeSat Industry Days, an event that brings together CubeSat developers, suppliers, service providers, and stakeholders from all over the world.

🗓️ Mark your calendars for Thursday, September 14, at 4:15 PM CEST, as our CTO, Dr. Alessandro Morselli, will take the stage to present our company and our approach towards GroundSegment and FlightDynamics operations: explore how Nautilus is pioneering deep-space navigation and guidance for CubeSats and get an exclusive preview of our ongoing and upcoming projects!

🤝 Also, don't miss the opportunity to meet Alessandro Morselli to discover more about our company and explore exciting collaboration opportunities.

See you at #ESACubesatIndustryDays!

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