Nautilus lands at the 2024 Space Resources Week!

Luxembrug, 25/03/2024,

Today marks the start of the #SpaceResourcesWeek (Luxemburg), a major event that supports breakthrough ideas and B2B relationships in the field of space resource utilization.

🌑 From in-situ resource utilization (#ISRU) for life support and fuel production, to construction materials on extraterrestrial surfaces, the space resources applications are as #boundless as space itself. These efforts are key to creating a lasting human presence in space and also mark the start of a new era where deep space missions become more cost-effective and technologically advanced.

Our participation at the Space Resources Week aims to strengthen business collaborations to leverage our advanced #FlightDynamics services and our Deep Space Flight Dynamics software, #NEMO. That's part of our strategic vision of supporting missions targeting #asteroid and #lunar resources by significantly reducing operational costs.

💡If you're interested in exploring collaborative opportunities or wish to learn more about how Nautilus can revolutionize your space resource missions our CEO, Alfredo Locarini, is looking forward to connecting with you at the event.

Finally, we would like to thank the European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC) for their hard work in putting together the 2024 Space Resources Week.

👋 See you at the #SpaceResourcesWeek