Nautilus has been selected for the #ESABICMilan

Milan, 11.02.2024

🚀 Exciting news! 🌌

We're thrilled to share that Nautilus has been selected for the #ESABICMilan incubation program! Our team's commitment and unwavering dedication have brought us to this significant milestone.

We would like to thank the selection committee for this opportunity. Special gratitude to our advisors, mentors, and supporters who have been instrumental in our journey.

With this opportunity we're eager to accelerate the development of our #FlightDynamics software #NEMO, a cornerstone in our plan to revolutionise spacecraft navigation and control 📡🛰️

Participating in ESA BIC Milan will provide us direct support from European Space Agency - ESA, technical advisory from AerospacePoliMi, as well as mentorship from PoliHub - Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator. We're confident that with all these elements we'll be able to bring NEMO to the next level.

We're grateful to be part of this exciting program and even more committed to pushing boundaries of space technology and exploration to the Moon and beyond 🌔🪐

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and shape the future of space exploration! 🔭