Advisory Board: Joining Forces with Paolo Ferri!

Bologna, 26.06.2023

🚀 Exciting Announcement! Joining Forces with Paolo Ferri! 

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Paolo Ferri has officially joined the Nautilus #AdvisoryBoard!

His extraordinary career stands as a shining example of dedication and remarkable achievements in the field of #DeepSpaceExploration:

✅ Former ESA Spacecraft Operations Manager for the Rosetta Mission

✅ Former Head of the ESA Solar and Planetary Mission Operations Division

✅ Former Head of the ESA Mission Operations Department

Through his leadership in the operations of iconic missions such as #Rosetta, #MarsExpress, #VenusExpress, and #BepiColombo, he contributed to revolutionize the way we explore the universe. 🌌

Paolo's remarkable contributions to deep space exploration make this addition a true game-changer for our team. Having him on board ignites our ambition to reach new heights and achieve unprecedented success. 💪

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Paolo! Together, we embark on a transformative journey to shape the future of deep space exploration.

#WelcomePaolo #SpaceExploration #Space