Advisory Board: Joining Forces with Benjamin Malphrus!

Bologna, 07.07.2023

👉 Introducing Dr. Benjamin Malphrus, the newest member of the Nautilus #AdvisoryBoard!

Dr. Malphrus is a renowned Professor of Space Science and Executive Director of the Space Science Center at Morehead State University. With an incredible career spanning #RadioAstronomy, #SpaceSystemsEngineering, and #MissionOperation, he brings unparalleled expertise to our team.

🎯Notable achievements include his pivotal role in upgrading Morehead State's 21-meter antenna, transforming it into the first non-NASA node on the #NASA Deep Space Network!

💡During his research, he managed over 100 grants totaling $34 million, discovering NGC 5291-B, the first genuinely young galaxy observed in an interacting field. He also served as Principal Investigator on several #nanosatellite missions including KySat-1, KySat-2, the Cosmic X-Ray Background Nanosatellite (CXBN), CXBN-2, TechSat-1, and DM-7.

We're absolutely thrilled to have Dr. Malphrus on board. His exceptional vision and invaluable insights will undoubtedly support Nautilus to strengthen its deep space navigation service and implement strategies for #MarketDiversification. 🚀🌌

#WelcomeBen #Space #SpaceExploration